We have a wide range of products for you. The ingredients are selected and the control of the manufacturing processes is strict. All products are proudly developed and produced by us and not by third parties.

Produced from coconut oil, the range of vegan cheese alternative products is distinguished by its flavour and texture, the variety of formats (sliced, grated, in blocks or creamy) and versatility of applications (sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, salads)

With three varieties at this initial range, our ambition is to become a reference in the Portuguese market, similarly to what we managed to achieve in other market segments.

Vivera is a really well recognized brand in international markets, largely due to its quality and variety. VEG IN is the exclusive distributor for the entire Portuguese territory.
The arrival of these products complements our range and will revolutionize the market, as they are truly unique in both flavour and texture.